Drake for Njoku?

Would you trade Drake for Njoku right now? Please consider ROS as well as Dynasty (competing for the dynasty title this year so I want to seal it, as well as plan for the future)

My RBs: Gurley, Mixon, Kerryon, Drake, Ito, Guice
My only TE: Rudolph

Thanks for the input!

I would 100% do this. I think Drake is a talented player, and if the dolphins get Gase out of the way, and Gore finally retires he could be a solid dynasty asset. But Njoku is also a top 5 dynasty tight end arguably, as well as a top 10 tight end this year. On top of this, you are set at running back from both dynasty and season long aspects with young studs in Gurley, Mixon, Kerryon, and Guice waiting in the wings to dominate. Good work assembling that group!


Thanks for the feedback! I’ve been trying to work this trade for two weeks now but now he’s actually considering it and I started to get cold feet lol. He also has Kelce though so he can afford to give up Njoku for the right price.

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