Drake/Mostert for Henry/Moore

Title. Would you make this trade?

Team: (10 team, .5 ppr)

QB: J Allen
RB: J Jacobs, K Drake, J Taylor, Col Mustard, A Gibson, J Robinson
WR: R Woods, AJ Brown, AJ Green, Lizard King, A Miller
TE: Fant

Right now I have good depth at RB and am a little weaker at WR, but if Sammy pans out I might be deeper than I realize. What does the footclan think?

I dont know that Moore jumps off the page as your new wr1 itll still be all really high potential wr2s and having jacobs henry taylor is a powerful combo

I just dont know enough about Moore and the Bridgewater connection yet

id still take it you have such depth at rb

I’d make it all day. Moore’s price will go up as he gets more comfy with Bridgewater. So make it now if you can.