Drake moving forward

How would you value Drake the ROS? Thought for sure last night’s game would be one hell of a tough test for him, but he played well (for my bench).

To me, Drake is a sell high candidate right now. It would seem that DJ will be back this season. I thought for sure with the Drake signing (and all the other RB) that DJ would hit IR but that doesn’t seem the case. DJ will be back probably next week, Edmonds a week or two after that, and that leads to a very muddy backfield.

You have to assume DJ will take over as lead and realistically, both Edmonds and Drake have each had one good game. So who knows will get the nod as the #2 position. Combine all of that with the fact that the Cardinals are super secretive and misleading with their reports, just sort of screams headache to me. If I can get rid of him for a solid RB/WR 2 I would. Then poor on the fact that they have (SF, PIT, CLE, SEA) all coming up. I know he did well against SF but given how good SF has been in the past I lean toward that not happening again (especially @SF). Rest of season value for him I think is mediocre upside with a very confusing low floor downside.

and TB next week. They’re actually the 3rd best team in the NFL against the run. Next 3 weeks for AZ are TB, SF, BYE, it’s ugly.