Drake or Carson for AJ Green and Henry

Is it worth giving up Drake or Carson for Henry and AJ Green? Ppr I have Hooper as my only TE and need help there. Would be starting Green in place of whichever RB I trade away. I have Josh Jacobs and I can start all 3 RB if I keep them?

Any other RB depth? Any TEs on waivers worth grabbing like Herndon and Gieiski? Both had trash week one matchups and might be floating around

Nope deeper league only TE on waivers are Olsen and Graham. For RB just have J Howard, Justin Jackson and Pollard on the bench.

Hmmm honestly not sure I’d trade away that RB depth cause your bench running backs don’t have any current flex value. So long as you have good WRs (assuming you are set there). I’d honestly grab Olsen or Graham and play either over Hooper, but I was 100% out on him this season since it is the Browns and he’s probably the 5th read in the offense. I’d look to see if you can trade Hooper to anyone, sell up that Njoku went to the IR for a bit and caught a TD.

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