Drake Value

As you might guess, I have Drake on a few teams and those teams are not doing as well as I would want. He is non-existent in the passing game. What is reasonable return to expect for Drake?

High-Mid WR2 (just because healthy RB’s are a premium) or a low end RB2/Flex most likely.

I’m personally holding because the volume is still there and i also have Edmonds benched in case anything happens, but he probably won’t crack my lineup until he shows some improvement.

Might be able to get Mike Evans in a 2 for 1. Packaged with Tyler Boyd. Other RBs are zeke Mixon James Robinson. WRs Woods Chark Moore Boyd. I do have Edmonds as well

He’s worth a skittle. I don’t anyone except a Cardinals will take him for anything of worth at this time