Dreaded 1-3, need some advice between Goff and Rivers

I actually have a pretty good team, it just seems my best is always on the bench. if Drake had just scored at least 5 points the last two weeks in full point PPR I’d be 3-1.

I have been back and forth this whole week between starting Rivers vs. Raiders or Jared Goff at the Seahawks. At this point I’ve come to realize the whoever is on my bench would be the one I should have went with.

I am hoping you guys could give me some viewpoints on who you would start and why.

Thanks in advance!

heard a stat rivers averages 26ppg vs raiders so I would go him


Tough one. Rivers always does well against the Raiders, but King Goffry has a juicy matchup with 3 stud receivers against a totally depleted Seattle secondary. Double check the FFB rankings, look up WHO DO I START from Fantasy Pros, and go with your gut… My gut said bench Goff for Dalton last week… My gut was wrong lol…

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Thanks guys!

I think both will do well… I just may need those extra 10 points one of them put above the other.

I’d take goff against a seattle D that just lost its best defensive player. Itll be close, but i still think Goff has the edge