Drew Brees or Case Keenum Week 13?

Standard Scoring - 6 pt touchdown passes. Drafted Brees for consistent 20 pt average and he seems to disappoint when I need him most.

I am in the same boat, but I’m sticking with Brees. My alternative is Tyrod vs. NE so it’s not as good as Keenum @ATL but I feel like the only reason Brees has been disappointing is because they haven’t really needed him to be amazing. Their Defense is better and their run game has improved, but this game against Carolina could have them behind or at least in a close game and he will have to continue to move the offense in late game so I am looking for another low floor game from Brees.

Whether or not it’s a close game will all depend on what version of Cam Newton shows up to play. In Week 3 against Carolina Brees threw for 220 and 3 td’s, BUT that’s when they still had AP and Ingram/Kamara hadn’t blossomed yet. I may literally just do a coin flip right before the Noon games start because I’m so torn.

I would probably go keenum, he has just been so good the past few weeks, I don’t see why he would stop now, especially if Trufant doesn’t play. I am in the same situation wondering if I should play Keenum or Philip Rivers. Could you help me out? Thanks.

I’d go Brees. I think Minn leans a little heavier on the run in this one. McCown ripped this CAR secondary last week…