Drew Brees or Dak Prescott ROS? Lost Watson

My team isn’t struggling by any means as I am 7-1 possibly 8-1 after this week. After losing Watson though all I have left is Drew Brees who hasn’t really done much for me compared to the other QBs since I’m in an 8-Team league. I would probably be able to trade a RB or WR and Brees for Dak or Wilson since both have rushing upsides.

My WR are AB, Julio, Baldwin, and Juju.

RBs are Gurley, Shady, Zeke, Rod Smith, Alf Morris, Martin, and AP. I might also be trading AP and Martin for Ajayi though.

What do you guys think?

What do you guys think?

I lost Watson and have Brees also and I was totally comfortable with him as my starter early on, but now that the Saints are so balanced on offense it takes opportunities away from him, so I’m a little worried.

But my team also isn’t quite as stacked as yours appears to be. So I see your team being just fine with Brees as your QB.

But on the flip side, since your team is stacked you could probably also afford to move somebody or 2 to get a better QB.

I think you’re fine either way you go, personally.

Who do you think would be the QB to grab? Prescott, Wilson, or maybe even Newton so I don’t have to give up any big names?

I also lost Watson but my backup was Kirk Cousins. Drew Brees sounds a lot better…