Drew Brees or Jameis Winston this week?

12 team standard league

Winston for sure. Brees has a tough matchup which I don’t think will affect him too much, but expectations for his production should be tempered.

I literally posted this same question yesterday. Except I’m in a 10 team PPR league. Winston was supposed to be a bye week fill in and Brees was supposed to be ROS starter. Why am I having a hard decision with this?

I wanna lean Brees because Brees SHOULD be matchup proof (despite a tough road game). And it might not matter, but I also have Thomas for the stack and am playing Vs. Kamara.

I have Thomas as well who I think should do fine with a slightly lower floor. I would consider Brees to be matchup proof for sure, I would just temper expectations in terms of his floor especially because Kamara and Ingram can now take a little bit of the load off of his shoulders.

I know :confused: This is what worries me haha. I had Brees last year as well and he just didn’t put up the fantasy numbers I was hoping because the run game was so good. Acquired him in a trade early this year when he was putting up huge numbers, was hoping he’d be back to his old ways.

I think he will still have to throw, it just won’t be as much. There’s more tape out this year of what Kamara and Ingram did last season so they will be planned for a bit more I’d say. Winston will have to throw though.