Drop 1 for Kicker

Full Point PPR
10-Team League

Should I roll without a kicker this week or can I afford to drop 1 of these guys:

Chris Thompson
Miles Sanders
DeSean Jackson
Robby Anderson

I’d go without a kicker and hope your opponents kicker doesn’t go off for more than 6fpts but if you had to drop one I’d go with Chris Thompson, AP will be the starter and get the early down work with Thompson getting the passing down work.

I would try and package trade thompson & jackson or thompson & anderson to improve on an rb or wr and free up a spot for the kicker.

even look for 3 for 2 since you will improve your team and allow for an open bench spot

I agree with this thinking. Try to trade that will open up a spot on your roster.

This depends on your league too, I know sometimes guys don’t budge on their players this early because they overvalue the people they drafted.

yeah target the guys that really disappointed that have a chance to bounce back…freeman/jones/michael types of guys