Drop 1 (half ppr): Conner, Gaskin, Dobbins

Conner came off IR. Which RB should I drop?

I lean Dobbins cause I don’t trust the Ravens to feature him. But he seems to have the highest ceiling & would hate to lose to him when he gets picked up.

Conner & Gaskin seem like steady RB2 types rest of season. Schedule’s are fairly similar.

I also have Robert Woods on my bench & he’s been pretty up & down.

Is there no other lesser options you can dump?

If not even as a Conner owner it would be him given how inconsistent his use has been and how gigantic Dobbins potential is if he was to be more heavily leaned on.

But hopefully you have a spare kicker or tight end you can drop…

Give us your team. Unless this is 8 man there is a better drop