Drop 2 on Bench for Week 1 QB and K - Godwin, A Jones, Wilkins, etc.?

1/2 PPR 12 Team

QB - Empty (Dalton week 1 target)
RB - S Barkley
RB - J Mixon
WR - D Adams
WR - TY Hilton
WR/RB - S Diggs
TE - J Reed
K - Empty
DST - Ravens

Bench - D Lewis RB
Bench - S Michel RB
Bench - A Jones RB
Bench - J Wilkins RB
Bench - C Godwin WR
Bench - C Davis WR
Bench - K Cole WR
Bench - J Crowder WR

I need to drop two. Definitely waiting to get a little more info on the Colts backfield before making a final decision. Picked up Cole after Lee got hurt, screwing up my RB/WR ratio on my bench.

Like the forum title states, it seems like the obvious candidates are Godwin, Jones, and/or Wilkins. What would you do?

Thank you!

Like you said, Godwin is the easiest choice.

After that it really depends on your personal preferences. I like having the RB depth and I see Jones as a guy who could still end up having value. Ideally you get to hang on to him until after he returns.

You’ve got a bit of time until week 1 starts. Do you have to make all the moves in one shot or just have to have it set before games start? I would look at getting your QB sooner, dropping Godwin, and then holding tight on who to drop for the kicker slot until closer to the games next week. You’ll have some more info on the Colts RB situation and hopefully it helps you make the decision.

The only other option, albeit a long shot, is to look at a potential 2 for 1 trade. Try packaging a couple guys together to get an upgrade over both. This would net you a roster slot and now you don’t have to just let one of your guys go to waivers with no return.

I’m dropping crowder personally. But I’m very low on him. Pretty high on Godwin and Cole.

I’d probably drop wilkins and Crowder.

I know that’s not popular opinion, but personally don’t think Crowder is very good and I think Godwin wins out the starting role and gets the volume needed to produce as a WR2 this year.

Thanks guys. Working the trade comms as a first option. We’ll see what happens.

I don’t have to do anything right now, which is nice. I just got some intel that leads me to believe Matt Ryan is going to get dropped by another team (pretty casual league, everyone is rostering 2+ QBs) as the result of a trade. If that’s the case I’d start him over Dalton week 1.