Drop a few possible starters for future

Would you drop Royce Freeman and Miles Sanders for Edmunds and Mattison.

Both have been on my bench for 5 weeks and not looking like they will start unless injury.

Same as Edmunds and Mattison but with more possible upside.


How are your other RBs looking doen yes coming up? I like Edmonds with the big game and dj being knocked up a little. But Royce has been consistent and can be a bye week filler. Maybe trading them to someone who has a couple good RBs and pick up one of the waivers.


Have Zeke, Conner , Royce, Sanders and Pollard.

Tried but nobody has traded yet in our league lol

Grabbed Edmunds and dropped Pollard. Not too worried about Zeke and can always try and grab him back and still hope Royce or Sanders can be useful.