Drop A Mattison, edmonds, hines for QB

I need to pick up a Qb for the week because i was going to bench wentz and pick up tribisky

Who should i drop? A Mattison, edmonds, N hines or AJ green
I do have K Drake.

If you have D. Cook you can’t drop Mattison, otherwise he’s probably the one to let go, but for whatever it’s worth I don’t think Wentz is worth holding onto.

Keep these guys and ditch Wentz. He’s not playing well, and even the WRs he’s getting back from injury in a few weeks may or may not help him all that much. Worst case scenario he gets better and figures things out after you’re dropped him, and you have to stream QBs all year, which is usually doable unless you are in a 2 QB league or your league mates like to stash QBs on their bench.