Drop A Miller for Sutton?

Now that Sanders is out, thinking seriously about trying to get Sutton. I’ve got Miller, and yes Truby is coming back, but…just thinking that Keenum is gonna be looking at Courtland more than Truby at Miller.

Am I way off track here…or y’all thinking along the same lines??

Instantly do this. Yes. Sutton should be a big value now. Especially compared to Miller who has tons of other weapons on his team.

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LOL…already hit the button on that one. Yeah…I tossed it up for opinions…AND TY TONS FOR YOURS MY FRIEND!!!...but…yeah…the more I thought about it, I had to jump on it. LOL…thought…“you dummy…you’re asking, yet you know the answer!!!”

BUT…TY @bashby1. All imput helps more than I think many realize!!! :grinning: :+1:

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