Drop a QB and who to Pick Up

Currently get a Bye next week so looking at weeks 15 and hopefully 16.

Have Ryan and Rivers. Thinking of dropping Ryan or hold and pick up a third QB. Rivers has a good Week 15 match up.

Rivers - Week 15 Houston, 16 at Pitt
Ryan - Week 15 Tampa, Week 16 at KC

Cam - @ Miami, 16 - Home Buffalo
Baker @ NYG then 16 - @ NYJ
Hurts if starting @ ARZ, then 16 @ DAL

Rivers for week 15. Baker for week 16. All the QBs have big weeks against the Jets

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Thanks. Would you drop Ryan for Baker or have 3rd QBs and drop someone else

Definitely drop Ryan. Unless you can start 2 QBs

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Mitch was dropped.

Rolling Rivers for week 15 but is Mitch better than Baker for week 16 as they play at JAX ?

Baker plays Jets but they might run a lot.

Bump please

It’s hard to predict three weeks ahead unfortunately. So much could alter each matchup by then. Right now I’d probably prefer Baker to Trubisky but that’s just that his job isn’t under threat if he has a couple bad turnovers to

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I have 0 confidence in mitch. the 1 week I tried to play him he got benched at halftime…

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Good information thanks for sharing