Drop a WR to pick up Handcuff?

So I am considering dropping a WR to pick up Kamaras handcuff as insurance. I was considering possibly dropping Hollywood or Sammy…neither has performed at all after week 1 and both injured with byes coming up. I hate to just drop them but Im not sure I could get anything trade wise. My other WR’s are Edelman, Golladay, and G. Tate.

Brown just needs to get healthy. His target share is solid and there are valuable targets there too.

Hard to tell you to drop Watkins though. I’m sure he would be scooped up the second you drop him.

Depends on your record, it’s still pretty early.

Drop Sammy. He’s a landmine of a player. If you’re lucky the guy you play this week will roster him and play him. Meanwhile you can comfortably watch as he only contributes 4 points to his WR2 slot. Free yourself man, don’t chase the week 1 points.