Drop Aaron jones for Antonio callaway

I’m hurting bad at WR in a 14 team league as I had both Baldwin and josh gordon and don’t have much depth behind them. Do you think Aaron jones actually has a shot at taking over the backfield?

Yes I do think he has a shot, but hobbled Rodgers may mean more pass blocking for Williams. Antonio Callaway is no sure shot at wr2 duties either.

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Callaway was a beast during preseason, but that’s preseason. Jones had a stretch last year proving he could do it. Plus you can’t ignore the Tyrod & Hugh Jackson factor. At home, against a weak Pitt defense and Big Ben giving the ball back 3 times Tyrod Taylor gave a very respectable 15 of 40 pass completion percentage.

I hope my sarcasm was noted when I said “respectable”.

Higgins might be the guy over Callaway… I love Aaron Jones, I think he’s going to be great

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It was noted haha

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to be fair both QB’s looked like poo poo… the weather was terrible… I have never been a Tyrod truther… he doesn’t throw the Wr to the open spots. So in that respect Skeebo is probably right but if the season goes south then Tyrod will be the back up.