Drop Aaron Jones for Mack?

Mack is available on waivers and Jones is just too unpredictable but mack may be as well. Only plus side is mack as far as I see is the starting back in indy. I also have chris carson. Full point ppr.

I wouldn’t I’d rather take the shot on Aaron Jones than Mack. Marlon Mack had himself a nice day, but I’d rather take the upside with Jones on a Green Bay offense than bet on Mack carving out the lead role for himself. Jones actually had a touchdown run that got called back on Monday, so he could’ve had a nice double digit game himself.

I’m debating the same thing. Its tough. I’ve been high on AJ all year, up until Monday. Even drafted and stached him. However I’m not sure we can ever count on his skills being put on full display. Maybe, on rare perfect game script scenarios, he’ll have a big night. But how much better can game script get than playing the 49ers with a backup QB??? I’m very close to dropping AJ.

I feel you 100% if they would just use him in a workhorse role I think he would be awesome for fantasy. But I don’t think it’ll happen. Very bad decision

Is it really though? It’s not like their offense isn’t producing. They’re using their RBs as play action decoys. If Rogers ever goes down, AJ’s value goes through the roof instantly.

I meant to say tough decision not bad. My bad lol