Drop Aaron Jones for Peyton Barber?

Should I drop Aaron Jones for Peyton Barber? My worst WR is Sammy Watkins, so I’m not going to drop a WR. My other RBs are DJ, Gordon, Burkhead, Michel, Dion Lewis, Jamaal Williams. What do you guys think? It’s a 10 team standard league.

Why are you concerned with Peyton Barber with those RBs.

Oh I’m not concerned. I was just thinking if Barber was better than Jones.

Close call. I’d probably do it. Barber is going to be the starter there. Been saying that for a while given how bad ROJO is.

Aaron jones has more upside but much more risk and you already have Jamaal williams. I don’t really like owning both. I just pick my horse and hope he wins and looks like WIlliams is definitely in the lead there.