Drop advice!

Hey guys!

I’m having a problem deciding what to do with my bench (10 team league, full PPR). Here’s my team:

I have both Mixon and Powell on my bench and have only started each once this year because their performance hasn’t quite been good enough. Is it worth it to drop one or both of them to pick up other players like Alfred Morris/handcuffs? Or should I hold on to them and see if they up their performance later this year?

Thanks for the help!!


Why not drop Mariota?

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I can’t drop Mariota because I’m currently working on packaging him in a trade for Diggs. If the trade doesn’t go through then I will be dropping him.

You could also drop David Johnson, It seems he’s going to be out for the year, not that it clears a bench spot. But I’d keep Mixon and Powell. Mixon I think will be better and get more carries, and I would just keep Powell. They’re basically the same player to me, Mixon gets the more of a workload so if you do choose to drop one I may suggest Powell. If it’s PPR league, I’d keep powell as that’s where he does his damage.

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If you had to keep one of those two, I’d say Mixon. I think his role in Cincinnati’s offense is only going to expand for the rest of the season.

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Thanks for the advice. So ROS you’re thinking mixon/powell have more potential than someone like Morris (assuming Zeke serves his suspension)? I’m just struggling with holding onto Mixon after the last few week because, while I think he’s more than talented enough, the Bengals seem to stop running all together in the second half almost without reason. Powell on the other hand it trapped behind Forte even though he should be getting more work than him.

If Morris gets the start and carries over McFadden and rod smith definetly drop powell for morris

I believe reports are that Morris is the starter…provided Zeke serves the suspension, which seems likely. Morris seems to have more upside going forward…just my two cents.

That’s what I’m thinking. So I figure if my trade goes through, keep mixon and drop powell for morris. If my trade doesn’t go through then I can keep both and drop mariota for morris.

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