Drop AJ Green?

10 team standard.

Is AJ green safe to drop? Been holding all season in the IR spot cuz why not. Just lost Barkley though. My other receivers are Evans, Cooks, Scary Terry, Sanders, and Lockett. Really no reason to hold onto green, right?

I’d try and trade him to the boyd owner first.


Whos on your bench. I own Green and Im keeping him with the Cincinnati offense throwing as much as they are he will probably give you high end WR2 numbers when he returns.
I definitely wouldn’t cut him but if your worried about his injury you should be able to find a trade partner.

Also have you thoughgt about seeing what you can get for Evans and riding it out with locket and cooks till Green is healthy?
I wouldn’t sell him for cheap but his trade values probably pretty high right now and you might be able too use him to trade for a RB1 I’m assuming your weak at RB since you said you lost Barkely.
Also Evans schedule is brutal for the next few weeks.

No!! Well, guess it depends on your roster and when you got him. I got AJ in the 10th round and fully plan on starting him as WR2 at a min when he comes back. Hang in there bruh… you’ll be glad you did

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AJ Green is never droppable unless he’s out for the year… He’s your WR2 when he comes back, possibly your WR1 depending on how Evans looks onward…

Patience, grasshopper

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