Drop Allen or Hogan?

Do I drop Keenan Allen or Chris Hogan for usable starter this week? all my other options are bye so I have to play Allen, but he faces Jax this week… available FA to pick up:
Sanu, Doctson, Kearse, Sanders, Desean Jackson…

1/2 PPR league, my record is 8-1 so I don’t really NEED a win this week

Desean would be best but since you’re already into the playoffs it is probably best to just roll with Keenan. Who knows, he is should get loads of targets and if he gets 5-70 On double digit targets I’m sure you can be happy with that.

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It’s not worth dropping either considering youve probably already made the playoffs. If anything you could try to trade one of them cuz theyd be worth more that way

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Thanks, yeah I’ve shopped Hogan around a little. I really don’t want to drop either. We’re a keeper league and Hogan could potentially be a freebie keeper for me too. I may try the trade route with Allen…