Drop Allen when Woodhead Returns?

If Woodhead returns this week do you drop Buck Allen to remove him from the IR spot?

I picked up Buck Allen off of waivers early this season. I also just grabbed Woodhead off of waivers. at the moment I’m thinking that Woodhead will take a lot of snaps away from Buck Allen when he returns. I’d try to trade Allen. He’s put up top 20 production this season and I think you could convince someone that isn’t monitoring Woodhead’s activity that he’s got good value. If you can’t trade him then yes, I would drop him for Woodhead.

Would you start woodhead on his first game back? Or to much risk?

I’m not sure. The match-up is good so that’s worth thinking about. Take a look and let me know if you would drop someone else to make room…

I’d drop Jordon if it was me

Second the Mathews drop!

I dropped Matthews to make room for a D/ST. And traded Allen to Handcuff Julio Jones… BUT now I think I have to drop Vernon Davis to make room to take Woodhead off IR?

QBs: Prescott, Cousins
RBs: Hunt, Kamara, Abdullah, Lewis, Woodhead IR
WRs: Jones, Hill, Parker, Smith-Schuester, Sanu
TEs: Gronk, Davis
D/ST: KC, Bears
K: Walsh