Drop Amari cooper or hold him hoping for a trade?

Standard league, cooper is in my bench this entire season, i cant trade him cause nobody wants him. There are some good options on the waivers, but this news about the raiders been open to trade him are making me hold him. Is it worth to keep the guy?

I drafted Amari Cooper in two leagues, and I’ve personally dropped him in both.

Would I ever trust Amari Cooper in the fantasy playoffs? I personally wouldn’t.

Do I believe that Amari Cooper will be a key factor in making the fantasy playoffs? With his current play, no, I don’t believe so. There were other options on waivers in both my leagues that I thought could be a factor in making the fantasy playoffs, so I opted to drop Cooper for them.

Even if Cooper gets traded (which I think is unlikely), I think he’d be a WR2, at best, on the new team; by that, I mean that he’d be the new team’s #2 WR. The reason Cooper had some hype in the offseason was because he was presumably lined up to receive the lion’s share of the targets. That has not panned out, and he almost certainly would not get the lion’s share of targets on a new team.

Maybe the Raiders get their act together during the BYE, but I’m not counting on it. Even if they do get it together, Cooper won’t help you this week, and I highly doubt you’re starting him off the BYE, given his prior outings.


Can’t argue too much with the above post. It’s very logical.

I personally have a lot of shares of him and will be holding. Only positive I could add to all this is he has had two pretty good games this season and if not for the concussion, would’ve like to have seen if he could have continued his trend of a good game every other week.

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I dropped Cooper without looking back.
He has since been picked up to be used as trade bait and literally it seems like every trade that’s happened with him he’s just been bundled in “for upside” to raise the value of the trade.
No one has played him. Just tried packaging him in for every trade.

Just leave him to the wire for someone else to deal with… Or trade for a dart throw player ?

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thanks guys, im dropping him in a league where i have some good wr options to pick up(wilson, gabriel, kearse) and holding him in another, because is a deep bench and there are almost no good wrs left right now