Drop amari or stafford for nick Chubb?

I have Winston as my QB, should I drop amari or stafford to pick up Chubb?

You could drop Cooper if you really wanted to. I wouldn’t drop Stafford though

Drop Stafford, get chubb.

Do not carries 2 QBs. It is stupid. Winston is an every week start.

Would you trade Drake for Chubb in PPR?

Yes. Chubb just walked into 20 touches a game. Given his talent, he will produce.

Good luck getting the owner to give that up to you though.

What do you think about dropping Lynch with him being out for a month for Chubb? I have Gurley, Mixon, michel, lynch, cook, Murray and ito on bench

Do it. I’m sure you also have WR or QB or TE options to drop though.

Kittle is my only TE. Qb winston. WRs are Landry, boyd, cooper and davis

Drop Cooper or Davis before you drop Ito.