Drop an RB to pick up Winston? .5 PPR

Asking for a friend.

If someone… Dropped Winston to pick up Ronald Jones.
Have Newton Rostered, looking to pick Winston back up for this week.

Should I drop R.Freeman or D. Johnson Jr. To pick Winston back up or let this week Booty Scoot?


Gordon - bye
Ekeler - bye
Michel - Out
R.Freeman - Out
D.Johnson Jr.
D. Baldwin
C. Kupp

Asking for a friend

Any imput would be appreciated. Also considering trading away Kupp, is C.Carson a good target?

I actually like Newton vs Baltimore. I don’t love Winston at Cinci. It’s better but not by much imo. But I think Royce Freeman is pretty banged up right? Like he might not even play this week? I’d rather use his roster spot on someone trending the right direction. And def wouldn’t drop Duke right now. I like he and Chubb’s chances as a duo ROS.

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And no, idk your other WR’s but Kupp is far more useful imo than Carson in any situation. Carson has a high likelihood of getting phased out at some point as would be typical for any Seattle RB under Carroll.

Thanks, the second opinion helps you settle my nerves.

No prob. I know the feeling. I think we all do ha

mistakes all come from second guessing your gut. Bc even if you get it wrong, it feels a lot better than being wrong after being convinced to do something diff from what you had initially felt was right. The herd mentality on this forum is a great gut check. I’m starting to think doin the opposite of popular opinion here is the only way to be. Bc I’m slowly realizing after a decade of fantasy football that championships are won by contrarian thought 99% of the time. Listening to experts makes no sense when it’s what everyone is doing. There’s no way to differentiate. And the experts are just as clueless as you or me ultimately. Pro sports statistical approach is not the same as analyzing a company or something like that. It’s a corollary but it’s very distinctly random. The incentive structure for sports teams is not always win at all costs by as much as possible. And also it’s a zero sum game. There s never gonna be a shared SB victor…

Also, the NFL is so different from other leagues. Players themselves have SUCH high stakes every game. Their whole rest of their lives hang in the balance every single game, healthwise and wealth wise. And it’s usually not a good outcome for the vast majority. And winning a SB is the logical most important goal for the QB and the coaching staff/ownership. Everyone else, not so much…I know if I was an RB in the NFL, I would be Leveon Bell. I wouldn’t give a single fuck until I got paid
At market. I’ve got 6-8 years until people assume I am a senior citizen. This is why I am a huge advocate of zero RB strategy from here on. Look at this week. It was insane and changed everyone’s season in some way. Mostly the ones who drafted RB’s high. That is fucked.

I mean I came
In 2nd last season starting Jamaal Williams and Alex Collins and Crowell, all free agent adds. Julio, AB, and Juju/someone else I forget carried me all on their own. Had nothing to do with my Rb’s. My rb’s also just got pretty darn good in 3 days now after scoring me 10 or less points per game every week before. And it’s just Ito, Tevin, Mostert, and Doug Martin now…maybe Cannon and Foreman if they get good. They’ll all probably get hurt too. I need another WR and I think I’ll be a champ contender. That WR could
Easily be someone I have yet to even add. It’s kind of depressing seeing everyone get hurt season after season. Idk if fantasy football is a morally upright activity or not.