Drop Anderson for Hardman

Full PPR. Drop Robbie with all going on with Darnold for Hardman as not much left on waivers.

Robbie has massive value 2nd half of the season but it’s not looking good until then. Hardman can play now, but it’s a crapshoot. Watkins Kelce and Williams May be targeted more, leaving Hardman 4th in line. You may be able to drop Robbie, roll the dice on Hardman and still get Robbie back in 3 weeks because of his schedule

I would not. Someone will grab Robby off the wavier and Hardman is a crapshoot. I’m starting him only because of the breakout this week since CMC had a bad game. If you have a handcuff on your team that’s not doing anything, I would grab him then, but keep Robby for now.

Thanks fellas.