Drop Andy Dalton for Sam Bradford

Hi everyone,

I drafted Andy Dalton. After that week 1, I’m thinking of dropping him as the Bengals’ offensive line is terrible and I don’t think it’s going to improve. Luckily, I didn’t play him week 1, I played Big Ben.
With the home/away split of Big Ben, i’m using a backup QB. Most of the members of my league have 2 QBs, so not much choices on the waiver wire.

I’m thinking of replacing Dalton with Sam Bradford. He has lots of weapons as well and the Viking’s offensive line seems better. What do you think ?


Dalton will have much better days than he did in week 1… However Bradford did look great, albeit against a bad defense. Worst case, you can pick Dalton back up once he starts playing better. Go for it.

Look at the respective defenses they played. Neither guy is who they looked like week 1. Don’t overreact.