Drop anyone here for Goff?

10 team, Full PPR, redraft league. I have Mahomes, but Goff seems too good to just be sitting on the wire. I had Brees and was able to trade him (with Keelan Cole) away for Davante Adams last week, so the potential for a trade is theoretically there. Anyone I can drop?

Here’s the rest of my roster as it stands:

QB: Mahomes
RB: Breida
RB: Ajayi
WR: Odell
WR: Davante Adams
TE: Njoku
W/R/T: Josh Gordon
DEF: Titans
K: Tucker
BN: Keke Coutee
BN: Mike Williams
BN: Fitzgerald
BN: Fournette
BN: Austin Ekeler
BN: Burton

Keke. Unless Fuller is missing multiple weeks which doesn’t look likely, coupled with the fact you have solid WR starters and depth as it is. Goff and Mahomes wil be a solid duo all year for you to matchup play and Keke while talented isn’t going to morph into some every week stud starter unless Fuller or Hop misses time

Plus chances are next week with Burton back, you can drop Njoku and get him back or the next RB/WR stash so i’d do that.

I would be more worried about your RB issues with Lenny F and Ajayi both being so banged up all the time, and Breida giving us all a scare 2 weeks ago with the hyper extended knee

I’d want to have Goff on my roster if I were you. Generally not a fan of rostering two QBs, unless it’s a QB with a propensity to run, increasing odds of injury. Hate to say it but I may would drop Fitz for him in your shoes, and stach him away. May even be weeks were his matchup is better than Mahomes and you role with him, this past week being an example.

I mean, Goff’s matchup (Minnesota) wasn’t exactly an easy one…

There are literally no usable RBs available so

Unless he is playing the Bears or Jags, I’d look more at his offensive opponent. If the opposing offense has the capacity to get in a shootout, he has big potential that week.

I don’t like rostering 2 TEs so I would drop Ndjoku

Burton is on a bye this week…

That’s fair