Drop AP for Conner

Should I drop AP for James Conner? I’ve been planning to use AP until Ingram returns.

Id find someone else to drop instead. I can see AP getting 15-18 carries a game for that stretch, while Connor will get that for what, one game?

Unless Bell sits out until November.

AP is the only player I can drop. I’m so torn about this and need to act fast.

Bell wont sit until November. He will report by Saturday because that’s the cut off to when he starts losing money. He gains nothing by sitting out past that and actually loses a lot.

There is concern that he might try to limit his game action this season to the bare minimum required to reach free agency next year. If he’s smart he’s been saving his money to last through a hold out like this. Sure he loses about $850K per game if he doesn’t report, but he’ll make way more than that if he can make it to free agency without an injury

Unless his plan is to get traded to get a Gurley contract. Skipping out on a few mil to lock down that guaranteed money isn’t the worst idea.

But I agree the odds are he will show up Saturday. So torn about this.

He will report by Saturday and Pittsburg will run him into the ground all year.

Personally I’m trying to trade for him assuming that’s the case, but you never know.

Back to the question at hand though, @CoorsLight is your league standard or PPR. And who else is on your roster besides AP?

.5 PPR
Max of 7 RB’s. Mine are:
Sequon Barkley
Melvin Gordon
Royce Freeman
Rex Burkhead
Mark Ingram
Kerryon Johnson
Adrian Peterson
So I would need to drop a RB. And this week I’m going up against the guy who has Bell and must be sleeping.

I know everyone is high on Johnson, but he isn’t doing anything any time soon. Id rather drop him than AP personally.