Drop AP for White? half ppr

AP is just sitting on the bench, would you rather have White?

im unsure of how much burkhead is gonna get with White back, was a pretty even split week 1 between them.

you think White will take more/most of the passing work? that was the difference maker in the week 1 stat line between them.

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It’s hard to say cause White might sit on ur bench for a bit too, with him dealing with what happened with his dad I’m not too sure when he’ll be back to play

its hard to see me rolling AP out til byes which hit me week 6.

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I would say pick up White just in case then he’s typically the one who gets the most touches AP will eventually lose his spot to Swift

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as it turns out, white has that week 6 bye too. not strong at RB depth, would leave me with 3 active RBs for week 6. Sanders, Singletary (vs KC that week) and Gaskin (at Denver that week).

beyond the bye week though, do you see White having more value than White in a cloudy backfield?