Drop AP or Ty Montgomery for Bilal Powell?

12 Team PPR league

RBs: Kamara and Dion Lewis, Ingram is the other RB on the bench.

Drop Ty Montgomery. To Many backs in GB dont think hell get enough action

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Thanks for your opinion, I was thinking the same thing but was nervous about dropping either RB this early.

Maybe wait till after week one. AP is starting and that could quickly change. And Montgomery could end up being the starter, its to hard to tell week 1. I you wan to drop one right now i would say TY. But personaly i would wait till after week 1 then decide


Keep in mind that Aaron Jones will be back after 2 weeks of his suspension so, pending injury, there will be 3 decent RB’s in Green Bay by week three

I would drop Ty for him. Ty is likely to be third string once Jones gets back. Powell could end up being the starter if Crowell continues to struggle like he did during preseason.

I’d drop Monty

I agree with everyone else. Drop ty

Peterson will lead that backfield in Washington and doesn’t really have any other threats for the 1-2 downs

Cut TyMont