Drop Austin Hooper

Out 4 weeks and not playoff bound.

Drop or hold.

Possibly out 4 weeks. And that means anyone else could grab him for the playoffs. Personally I’d keep him but it’s up to you

I’d drop him. Much more likely that he’ll hit IR if there are any setbacks.

If he clogging another roster all the better. You can fill that spot with a backup RB.

Tough call as our league is crazy and playoffs are week 16 and 17.

I am worried he gets put on IR as well or because they won’t make playoffs gets shut down.

Standard league and have

Zeke, Conner, Samuels, R Freeman , Lat Murray
Godwin, Gallup, T Williams, Ridley
Hooper, Fells.


With playoffs in week 17, that only compounds your decision.

I’d still likely drop him. What are the odds that the one team who picks Hooper up, plays you in week 17?

What do you think I need.

Someone like Crowder, another TE. RB.

Anyone else have this Hooper dilemma.

I have hooper, but I also have Evan Engram and just picked up Gerald Everett (Engram is on bye).
He might be back earlier, just kinda depends. I’m first in my league (8-2) with three people right behind me (2nd:7-3 more points than the next, 3rd: 7-3, 4th 6-4)

I’m fairly comfortable tho, as I have a lot of weapons, and can makeup for points lost on Engram.

It’s a gut call, man

Still can’t decide…