Drop BAL or TEN for SF?

I have been holding on to BAL thinking they would offer elite DST numbers but they have been pretty meh. Worth holding on until later in the season or safe to drop?
Looking to pickup SF this week, who also have generally looked good and could be a starter ROS - I also have TEN I could drop (I know, terrible to have 2 DST…)

I would drop either for SF this week. And SF may be the elite defense your looking to hold.

I haven’t really looked ahead yet at ideal playoff defense based on matchups.

Would you drop BAL or TEN?
BAL may have the longer term better schedule - they have BUF, NYJ, and CLE down weeks 14-16 compared to TEN having OAK, HOU, and NO.

Yes. Probably drop Tenn

Would you prioritize dropping TEN to get SF or dropping Walker to get Henry?
I assume someone with better waiver priority will grab Henry first, but just in case :slight_smile:

Assuming your waivers ran already. How did you end up?