Drop Baltimore Defense?

I know defense questions aren’t sexy, but I am not sure what to do here. The Ravens defense has been consistently really good, and are very talented, but this week they play New Orleans which is disgusting, next week Carolina, then Pittsburg, then a bye. Are they worth holding through all that or do I just stream and forget about them? The waiver options for this week are Denver at Arizona, Arizona vs Denver, Washington vs Dallas. Rest of team:
Qb: Rivers and Winston
Rb: Mixon, Howard, Cook, Mccoy, C. Thompson, Jalen Richard
Wr: A. Brown, Hilton, C. Davis, J. Brown
Te: Njoku

I’m also fighting this decision because I am looking to stream as well this week. I might keep the Ravens then see if I can free up bench space.

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I think I’d lean towards dropping them

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I’ve been streaming every week and have been doing well with it. I got 20 points from Houston last week. Basically just keep going with whoever is playing against Buffalo. I’m picking up Indy defense tonight. Just gonna roll with it.


I dropped them. They have burned me before with negative points in tough matchups. :-1:

Hopefully you chose Denver! :smiley:

holy crap, 35 points!

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I have the Ravens too. Even though I’m in a shallow league (8 teams), there are 12 D/STs already owned so I’m hoping to keep the Ravens if possible. But I want the Colts D/ST this week and I just checked their schedule. It’s an AWESOME schedule almost the whole rest of season. I really expect that most weeks they will be considered a top streamer every week.

appreciate all the responses. Unfortunately Colts were never available so that wasn’ta n option, and I got outbid for the Broncos. Ended up with the Cardinals which sucked, but trusting the process.

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Same here. Laaaaaame! Go pick up Chubb right now if he’s available. :wink:

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