Drop bears or Kearse for stream defense?

Would u drop bears defense for Redskins or lions this week? Or would u rather drop Kearse, Foreman or Coutee?

Foreman? Yeah, go ahead and drop him, unless it’s a keeper/dynasty league, or you’re desperate for RB.

I don’t think the Bears DEF will kill you, though, if you play them. They may only get 3-5 points, but you could certainly do worse.

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My RBs are Kamara Hyde Chubb and AP other than Foreman would u drop him knowing that??

Probably not.

Kamara’s great, but the rest of your RB core is questionable. Chubb hopefully is great, but we don’t know that, yet. Hyde has good short term value, but poor long term value. AP could be good, but age and injury leave serious question marks.

Foreman’s a flier, but it looks like you could probably use a flier.

From my understanding, just drop foreman and pick him up again next week