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Drop Beasley for Chris Hogan?


Do you think Chris Hogan or Cole Beasley is a better bench stash?


Beasley has two things affecting his value this year compared to last. (1) A healthy Dez and (2) a missing Zeke. We know Beasles was a security blanket for Dak last year. But Dak will be better this year and Dez will be hungry for targets. So Dak might not need Beasley as much. On the other hand, the 'Boys are a running team even without Zeke. They might pass a little more, but probably not by a huge margin. In the end, to me, despite the shakeups, Beasley’s value is probably pretty similar to last year’s.

Hogan looked great in preseason. But I trust nothing on the Patriots offense. Will you ever really know which week will be a good one to start Hogan? Not a chance. Will he ever be a better option than Cooks or Gronk? Probably not. And don’t forget James White being targeted out of the backfield and Gilly chewing up clock.

Beasley isn’t in a perfect situation, but if things ever get bleak in DAL, he is the safest security blanket for Dak. His ceiling isn’t super high, but I’d bet he puts up far fewer 0’s this season than Chris Hogan. So I would stick with Beasley.


Thanks for the advice. I agree with it in full. The only reason I want to grab Hogan is just at the chance of hitting gold week 1 with him and shipping him off.


Yea I feel you on that. If you team is strong enough and you don’t need either, take the risk then. No shame in trying!