Drop Big Ben?

Have Big Ben as my only QB. Wondering if I should drop him and pick up a streamer from waivers, assuming I probably dont get him back for next week.

My options are:
Fitzpatrick @ Car
Trubisky @ Buf
Flacco vs. Pit
Smith vs. Atl
Mayfield’s vs. KC


No. There HAS to be a better drop option somewhere on your roster.

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Here’s my roster:
QB: Big Ben
RB: Chubb, Kerryon, Howard, Breida, Ekeler, Foreman (IR)
WR: Hopkins, OBJ, Boyd, Baldwin, Sutton
TE: McDonald
DST: Pats, Bears
K: Bailey

Was planning on dropping Pats DST to get Doyle while on his bye since I think he’s better ROS than Vance (and probably wont get him if I wait till next week).

Your league is weak. None of those are available to me except Flacco. How did nobody pickup Fitiz? He could be a great dart throw for someone with no shot. You can probably dump Ben. Your league would likely not even take notice.

Find someone who knows what they’re doing and needs a WR…trade Sutton for a streamer QB. That’s my move. Good luck!

Shit leagues always watch QB’s and kickers for some reason? I still wouldn’t drop Ben. I like Sutton least…just due to his QB.