Drop Brandin Cooks or Josh Gordon?

I drafted Cooks high but it’s been the Kupp show for LA and Cooks is on his 2nd concussion of the month. Gordon’s on IR but should be waived and picked up by a new team.

I only have 1 active WR as the other is also on a bye and my flex is already filled with a RB. There are no trades in my league (to build up the pot for each waiver add). I need a WR for this week. Which WR would you drop? Cooks is on a high powered offense but who knows what his role will be (if he even returns). Gordon could sign with a gunslinger QB and thrive. He could also sign with a crappy team or no team at all.

There’s no one special on the waivers either. Just the usual suspects.

Drop Gordon, keeping him is hoping for that ‘get rich quick‘ scheme to eventually pay off. I don’t see it happening

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