Drop Brandin Cooks to Pick up Jets D/ST

Have the Ravens D/ST

McCaffrey, Dalvin Cook, and Chris Carson handcuffs on the bench, as well as Jamison Crowder, Brandin Cooks, and Emmanuel Sanders on the bench.

Thoughts on who to drop, or if you’d ride it out with Ravens D

I would drop CMC’s handcuff. They just signed Mike Davis so who knows what’ll happen if CMC goes down.


I probably will do that. The feeling of dropping that handcuff just sits restless in the back of your head.

Cooks is the definition of the worst kind of player given you don’t want to drop him but he’ll probably be no help the rest of the year.

I hear you. And I feel real bad Cooks too…hate to see a player of his size and stature have his career jeopardized by concussions.

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