Drop Brandin Cooks to pick up Mattison?

I have had Cooks on my bench for quite some time and as handcuff season approaches I want to do anything possible to prepare myself for the playoffs. My other WRs are Lockett, Boyd so since that is thin should I hold on?

Yikes you only have 2 other WR’s?

Unfortunately I am streaming QBs so I have Brissett and I need to hold onto Cousins in case Jacoby cant play. I also have Wentz on bye so im holding onto him as well. I know dumb move to have that many QBs but I think its necessary cause Wentz has a high ceiling.

I originally had Dede but needed to drop him for damien williams. I guess I should just drop Brieda or Adrian Peterson. I dont want to tho since they have good playoff schedules.

In need of serious help I guess

I would drop Brissett. No need to have him and Cousins. They are similar players so just keep the guy guaranteed to play this week. How many running backs do you have on your roster?

Cooks’s status is eerie, but he’s still a more valuable hold than Mattison.

After next wk against the Pats, Wentz has a nice schedule ROS so Cousins is technically droppable, he’s got two brutal matchups and a bye the next 3 wks. If Brissett is ruled out you can just pivot to Hoyer. It’s Miami lol

I would IR Cooks if you haven’t already and still pick up Mattison.