Drop Brate for Njoku?

I love Brate this week but have Barkley so feeling confident. Is Njoku a better TE ROS, after return of OJ?

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This is tricky, Winston loves Brate and a TE in general but it’s hard to say if they use 2TE sets will he favour Brate ROS or when OJ is back will he be the ‘main’ TE and get the looks. Njoku was picking up targets and at the moment with Higgins out for a few weeks at least it’s really just Landry and him in Cleveland and given their schedule - i’d go with Njoku here.

It’s close though but i think in Tampa all those pass catchers Evans/DJax/Godwin/Humphries/Brate/Howard all competing for targets i’d rather not risk the likely goose week here and there with Brate and at least get sure targets weekly with Njoku. Plus he’s a big dude and will get his share in the redzone as a matchup nightmare for sure

Thanks for confirming my thoughts

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I own Engram and Njoku in my league and I’m trying to shop Engram because I have a lot of faith in Njoku and the browns offense.

Here is what I’m now debating: rolling w Brate this week and hoping no one takes Njoku off the waivers. If they don’t, I will have high waiver priority to take him next week. It’s a gamble I’m leaning against taking. Also don’t want to drop Brate so early that my opponent can pick him up and use him this week.

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