Drop Brate stash Olsen?

Fine with Engram. Feel like Olsen makes sense. Could try and trade Brate but the teams I’d trade with don’t have much unless it’s part of a package on my part. Footclan! I love ya. Help a brother out?

Do it. Olsen is a good pick up for next week with a good matchup to start against.

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I’ve really been learning that way. Just needed a push :+1:

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Absolutely do that

Yes, brate has one good matchup left which is this week and the remainder of fantasy season are all TERRIBLE. also brate had a solid matchup against the jets last week and scored 2 pts in a full ppr league lol…
olsen coming back real soon,

Stream gresham, clay if possible

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I’d take that risk

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Definitely and Olson will have more trade value than Brate considering the hype about him coming back.

Actually been rocking Engram for weeks now :+1: Just wanted to round out my TEs. Feeling good elsewhere. Thanks Footclan! Youda best!