Drop Breida for Jamaal Williams?

The guys have Jamaal ranked as the RB 19 (84% owned) and Breida as the RB 35 (56% owned)
Most instances it would ease to choose from the two with the higher ranking and percent owned in Jamaal but which has more upside and does Aaron Jones return effect Jamaal Williams rest of season production?

35 19

Jamaal Williams > Breida for me

Even with Aaron Jones coming back next week?
Also I should have mentioned its a full point PPR which gives Breida a slight edge imo since hes the pass catching back on a team that will be down in a lot of games so he’ll have targets coming out of the backfield

I would still rather have Williams over Breida when Jones gets back into the mix. Williams is no slouch himself when it comes to catching passes, check his stats the 2nd half of last season. He is always going to have a big role in that offense because he is the far superior pass blocker.

Williams is much higher on the pecking order for the sole reason of his pass blocking being much better than anyone else. With Rodgers already slightly banged up, he will be leaned on even more. Breida is basically in a timeshare as well.

Take Jamaal Williams.

If you look back to last season, Williams can catch passes as well. The packers will always give Williams first crack (mostly likely) because of his pass blocking.

I did like Brieda when McKinnon went down, but Alf got more work than I was hoping in week 1, and the 49ers didn’t have Breida targeted much in the passing game. Would have liked to see like 5+ targets for Breida to prove his PPR value. It could still develop, but if I had to I would take Williams over Breida.