Drop Breida for James Conner

Is Conners upside given the bell situation better than Breida’s? I have breida in a BE slot and don’t forsee needing him right away.

Good problem to have, I’d stash them both if you can. Conner could provide you with week winning potential early this season, but Breida may be a potential long term starter.

Thanks for the reply. It is a good problem to have. The issue is this is a 1 RB, 1 WR, and 3 Flex position so I went heavy pass catching RBs and am at the 8 RB limit. I only have room for Breida or Conner.

That’s tough but i think you need to hold Breida. Conner could start week 1 and be great but that could be it. Breida is at worst in a timeshare but will get the passing down work and has the explosiveness for big plays. He’ll be in the role all year whereas Conner could have a week, or Bell could show up in two days time and he could have no use beyond a handcuff.

Need time and information on the Bell situation but it’s murky right now, i’d go with the more clear cut option in Breida

Yeah, based on your situation you mentioned above, I would have to agree with @James89. If you are not going to start Conner week 1 (based on Bell being out) then grabbing him may be completely useless. Where as Breida could provide value all year. Conner is not worth having once Bell returns, unless he is a cuff.

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I think you got your answer already but I’d be keeping Breida too.

Appreciate the help everyone!

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