Drop Breida, Morris, or Wilkins for a kicker...?

One of these guys has got to go unfortunately in favor of a kicker. I dont know what the better gamble is… seeing if Wilkins can pan out and take over the Indy backfield despite their offensive line. or hold both backs from SF (i kind of want a piece of this backfield in that offense). None of these guys are going to start for me in the near future so basically looking for upside here with whoever i stash.

Gut feeling:
-Wilkins looks just “okay” on tape. but… that never tells the whole story. good situation.

-Alf will be alf and not much more. stable floor as a flex fill in.

-Breida has some upside, but so many questions marks.

Thanks for the help!

Who else do you have for RBs?

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Barkley, Mixon, Lynch, and Kerryon

I would drop Wilkins if you only have to drop one. He will start week 1, but would have to play really well or Mack’s injury would have to linger in the season for him to have a major role. Kind of a long shot to have any real value as more than a handcuff for Mack. Alf and Brieda will both have a role, so can sit on them and see what happens, maybe one breaks out or takes over the main role.

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