Drop Bryce love

Would you drop Bryce love to pick up James Robinson as the Chris Thompson owner?

i wouldnt personally, robinson isnt doing the same thing as CT, so if CT gets hurt chance it wont even be Robinson taking over his duties in addition to Fournettes, especially with them bringing in Ogunbawale from TB too

(Armstead could come back as well, as he’s on the COVID list not injured)

I would… both have a better chance at production

Depends what you need. IMO Love has the most upside but probably won’t see that for a few weeks. So if you’re willing to wait, would hold. Am in a similar boat debating if I want to drop Sony for Love. Talking myself off the ledge though WFT is going to be a mess

IMO Love will be irrelevant for fantasy behind an AWFUL O-line in Washington. I’d rather have Robinson and Thompson in this scenario.