Drop Buck Allen or Cole

12 team .5 ppr. Ok, so I feel I need to keep a rotating bench spot for matchup/bye purposes. My bench right now consists of Drake, L. Murray, Cole, Kerryon and Buck Allen. Who would be the best to free up for a streaming def? I have Minn right now and I’m looking to stream GB or the Chargers.

Normally WR are easier to pick up, but Allen seems like the guy nobody wants even though he is like James White -lite. There is a chance you could drop him and he’s still there when you come back to him. I think someone would grab Cole if they were in a bad spot.

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I’d keep Buck Allen.

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Tough call…I agree. I’m currently 3-0 and want to keep the ball rolling. I feel backs are more valuable and scarce. I have Conner and Gordon as my starters…along with Julio, John brown and Golladay

Buck Allen gets waay too many red zone touches for you to drop him. ppr leagues id drop murray if it were me

I would lean towards keeping Allen just because Cole’s production is more replaceable. I’d rather try to Keep Allen and sell high on him in a trade. I don’t really know what to think of all of Allen’s goal-to-go work, but as a Collins owner it annoys the heck out of me. I hope it’s fluky.

Murrays value will vanish once Cook is back so I like that, unless the owner was planning on flexing him this week.

I’ve been holding on to Murray because Cook has been looking shakey and might not last the full year.