Drop Burrow for J. Williams

I have Rogers. Would it be wise to pick up Javonte Williams and drop Burrow?

It’s wise not to carry a 2nd QB in a normal-size, single-QB league. If you can get a potential starting RB instead, that would be good.

Murray is sitting out there now. I thinking he’ll play a larger roll in the backfield and ascend to the number 1 role. I would almost rather grab him than Williams. I know it would be a huge flyer on him.
I know, the Ravens have a crap situation in the backfield.
I usually grab 2 QBs ( seems my started always goes down with injury). But drop him I shall.

Even the “#1 role” isn’t anything to be excited about in Baltimore. The #1 RB for the Ravens last year had 645 yards rushing before gaining 160 yards in Week 17 against a Bengals team that had given up. And that was J.K. Dobbins. I can’t imagine that any of these geriatric shells of former RBs are going to do any better.

I would say taking risks, having fun, finding a sleeper with value, stuff like that. But it’s whatever. I mean you don’t even have to respond to questions if it bothers you that much.

I wouldn’t say that it “bothers me.”

What would bother Axe Elf is knowing that he could have stopped a fellow fantasy football player from making a mistake, and he didn’t. That’s what haunts my nightmares.

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.